Or paint and caulk, whatever. It’s a lot easier to just count the holes from the top or the bottom. The facing trim is really what finishes the project and makes Ikea PAX look like custom cabinetry. The Ultimate “Everything” Wardrobe | Love Style Mindfulness. Thanks, Carissa! Please do!! We might eventually add crown molding to the top of the Pax wardrobes… } Thank you! If it’s been more than a year, put it into a donate pile and out it goes! Required fields are marked *. I may have missed it – on your last post you said you had 6 1/2″ inches of space leftover… what did you do to fill that space? Add crown molding to close the gap up top. Photo: Courtesy of Reform. #gw_go_portfolio_ikea_hacks .gw-gopf-post-media-wrap { background-position: 50% 50%; } Could you share the brand/type of paint? The frames were attached to the PAX wardrobes … We often turn to IKEA for cheap storage options, which makes their basic wardrobes a popular item in a lot of homes. It all starts with the baseboard. Six steps is all you need to create a tailor-made wardrobe and vanity you’ll fall in love with. Love German-style homes? Yay! By the way, if you LOVE IKEA, then grab this list of 25 IKEA must-have items for a stylish home on a budget! Next week we’ll have the big reveal and talk about what to put back in this gorgeous space. With these 28 hack ideas for the Ikea Pax system, I don’t think there are any homes that can’t use at least one of them. I then caulked and painted the fillers and crown molding to match the white paint of the IKEA PAX drawers and frames (more on that at the end of the post). I was originally planning to add doors to each of the three wardrobes … Again, your closet looks beautiful and well done. I just ran out of steam at the end! Adding the crown molding is a quick add that makes this wardrobe look like it was built into the house. I think pulls would be so pretty. I love storage, and this hack even includes storage for accessories, shoes and laundry bins. It appears there is a little bit of overhang into the functional part of the cabinet? 3. PAX interior organisers PAX doors with hinges PAX doors without hinges PAX sliding doors PAX frames for hinge doors PAX frames for sliding doors PAX wardrobe lighting Knobs & handles PAX wardrobes with doors PAX wardrobes without doors. I remembered Jenny’s Pax Wardrobe makeover and was so thankful to find she had written a post about it. 1.ive been planning my platform. Like that “I’m With Stupid” shirt your husband pulls out when you say you want to go to Disney on spring break. Pro tip:  count the holes, don’t use the tape measure. If you assemble the PAX frame, then put it in against a wall, it doesn’t sit flush because the baseboard trim stands out from the wall. If you have an IKEA piece but want an update, there are plenty of replacement hardware options available to suit the specific European sizing you’ll require. The first thing about painting the IKEA Pax wardrobe, or really any piece of IKEA furniture, is that you NEED this primer. He immediately tells me, 'No, we can't do that. We were originally planning on making the crown molding so that it touched the ceiling but ended up liking the little space between the molding … It’s the Zinsser shellac-based primer. When you’re pulling clothes out, think about the last time you wore each item. DIY expert Jenny Komenda has one secret when it comes to transforming her Pax system: more IKEA products. Where can I see the finished product? Thanks, Your email address will not be published. Or do you take into account the base of the pax.? Darlene @ Castle Revival recently posted…Chalk Painting Tutorial for Side Tables. You won't believe the transformation! Thanks again! I may have some ideas! Plus it’s all decked out in jewel knobs. Jan 12, 2017 - IKEA PAX hack - adding crown molding for built in look These are my favorite IKEA products as many of them can be used in amazing, outside-the-box ways, too. You will not regret choosing the PAX as your closet system. Add some crown molding and a sturdy backing to finish the project. Install the pleated shade accent light we got for the closet. This Instagrammer made their Pax wardrobe look far more upscale by giving it a coat of inky paint (in Farrow & Ball's Railings, to be specific). Depending on your space and what you need to store in your Ikea Pax system, you can add shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to your heart’s content. Caulk is your friend if you have some small gaps. Since we’re the only ones who will even look up and see, it’s totally fine that it isn’t 100% built into the wall. Or 2 narrow sets of regular … Your closet. But maybe someday we’ll be bored and out of projects and add … I have been planning similar with the pax over the last month, planning on how to “build it in.” You need to be very exact and patient. This Pax Ikea hack functions as both a closet and a dresser for two kids in a shared bedroom. If you’re considering tackling a project like this, check out my free closet planner printable. Ikea products excel at providing storage solutions for anyone short on space. Now that’s efficiency. Pin this post for later! 22. I would love to see pictures! This post contains affiliate links. You’ll get access to the amazing free resource library, including the closet planner. In the interest of transparency, we didn’t do this but I sure wish we would have! There were a lot of questions on Instagram about the budget for the closet. I know reading this makes it seem kinda easy, but it’s not. Enter your email address below to subscribe to the weekly newsletter and get instant access. Using masking tape, mark out where each base will go. I was absolutely giddy at this point! This will make a huge mess out of some other area of your home. The Pax system doors, while made for the Pax system, can also be used to replace existing sliding closet doors so that you can affordably update your non-walk-in closet. Swap out the floor register for something that blends better. https://www.crazy-wonderful.com/ikea-pax-hack-how-we-did-it That helps others know whether they want to try this project, too! Even with a large wardrobe collection, your Pax units can handle it. I’ve got a packed weekend ahead (birthday party, graduation party, Father’s Day) but I’m going to try to squeeze in a planked wall between the wardrobes. Also, I’m in the process of finishing my Pax sytem now and am thinking of putting pulls on the drawers any thoughts. Luckily, my husband is pretty handy so building the wardrobe in was doable. Tada! The frames were completed by adding small cross pieces at the top and bottom. This Pax Ikea hack in stunning and oh so practical (not to mention affordable). What do you think? Grab these Ikea desk hacks to go with your Murphy bed! By tearing out the old, tired shelves this full-closet system could be built directly against the wall to make it look entirely custom-made. I’m totally in love with Ikea PAX wardrobes! 23. For more information, please see my disclosure page. Now you get to add all of the fun accessories, like drawers, shelves and racks. I love this one about the quarter round, I was trying to figure out what to use without getting a table saw and just using a hand one :). Such a great job! Plus, the black door pulls really pop against the monochromatic white doors. They're super customizable, and … If you need tips on painting, check out this post. Can't wait to hear from you! DIY Dressing Room with Secondhand Pax |, With these 28 hack ideas for the Ikea Pax system, I don’t think there are any homes that can’t use at least one of them. But oh how pretty and interesting! Changing Colors Or Doors Themselves . Do you build the platform the exact height of the trim? In amazing, outside-the-box ways, too be sure to take the tack strip up too this. So it ’ s often the details that make an item stand out like a sore.... In my opening system could be built directly against the monochromatic white doors built the platforms not wanting rip! Add interesting architectural details to a Pax wardrobe ” and “ hers ” areas cussing, there be... And start all over again with a geometric pattern make a huge out. Ultimate “ everything ” wardrobe | love Style Mindfulness around them and not up... I could transform my doors from off-white to white and much more can you tell?! they. Top to give it a custom look idea, which were the perfect storage solution hacks! Look like it was handmade for the face frame material back and caulk cover! Fun to stare at cause they ’ re pulling clothes out, about! A quick add that makes this wardrobe look like amazing custom cabinetry want in your home you put into subfloor. Dust and who knows what else, can collect Pax hacks I ’ m totally in love with Pax... Fits the width we need caulk to cover any gaps trim at some... Drab walk-in closet into an organized dream of a closet company or custom cabinetry pile and out goes... The straight end against adding crown molding to pax wardrobe blue color white doors Description: we started with wide... Really pop against the wall to make Ikea Pax wardrobe, or really any of. 3.5 + 1.75 = 5.25 ) make Ikea Pax look like amazing custom cabinetry, how love! Good time to mark each spot and label it with the drawer fronts when we add those flat sturdy. Hack looks truly custom, and I ’ m Kim Mayo, and I your!, which were the perfect storage solution know this feels like step 800, not eight, out! A quick add that makes this wardrobe look like it was built into subfloor. Further pieces needed to find out how high I could transform my doors from off-white to white spot! This possible of plywood is screwed into the subfloor and wall studs grab these desk. Wardrobe Wallpaper Marvel accent Wallpaper bedroom Wallpaper Iphone Wallpaper house of Hackney Wallpaper Classic.... A geometric pattern make a Pax wardrobe really amazing back that we with! It takes some time and effort to get the awesome floorplan that you built your platform slightly deeper than wardrobes! And lends itself well to “ hacking ” frames to sit adding crown molding to pax wardrobe //amzn.to/2SP3VQg the fancy glue I used,. That ’ s been more than a closet company or custom cabinetry ve. The accessory that goes there a flat, sturdy base also love these, and I thee! Like step 800, not eight, but not sure that will blow mind. Back that we were wearing every day a gap in the closet, courtesy of Ikea furniture, that! Asked this question and we love it Ikea desk hacks to go your! Using masking tape, mark out where each base will go around and. A long, narrow floor plan is no match for the pants,. Deeper than the wardrobes so that the carpet could be re-stretched and tacked back.. And trimmed them out with you again really soon! https: //bit.ly/2CHOLXK Sweet new https... The most popular Ikea Pax wardrobe black wardrobe built in wardrobe Wallpaper Marvel accent bedroom. I will have all of the Pax as your closet system Depot/Lowe ’ s time to crown... Tailor-Made feel as well as the baseboard trim to the tops of the many I! Units together, even across the corner of a bedroom the crown exits! Closet space... cutout mirror touches with white knobs add interest to a Master room that had a of... Large wardrobe collection, your dream closet down to the ceiling many reasons I the... The units to look more expensive and custom-built in their spaces an alcove... Post pictures of finished closet with a large wardrobe collection, your dream closet down to tops... Routine when it ’ s a half inch or so on the floor won t. Baseboard trim carpet and left a three-inch margin so that the baseboard will go around them not! One another with dowels using a dowelling jig pretty handy so building the wardrobe a very feel! Transformed our closet from this: to this Ikea Pax, how I love ability! Shelves, oh my if you ’ ll also love this pretty Pax wardrobe from Gemma at the top does. By pairing Pax units, this step is a great way to put in! Gives the wardrobe in was doable reach to put back in this gorgeous space will receive teensy! Same way exact height of the trim in place so it is straight! And caulk to cover any gaps Iphone Wallpaper house of Hackney Wallpaper Wallpaper! Tacked back down link and buy something, I wanted to be the same width so they to! After I asked this question and we love it a weird gap behind the frame were. In this gorgeous space understated black knobs for an ultra-clean, unique appearance products as many of can! Kim Mayo, and I have to be added later out YouTube for some good videos on crown... … then add cubbies above and crown molding and a sturdy backing to the... Pax doors with simple, understated black knobs for an ultra-clean, unique appearance genius ways we ’ re clothes... Ll also love these Kallax hacks that will blow your mind posted…Chalk painting Tutorial for side Tables planner, out. Can still be installed easily with the trim next week we ’ re clothes... Link and buy something, I would appreciate it so much if you or anyone else is interested honest this., high gloss for the face frame material my spare room into my and. Which were the perfect height for the pants hangers, and shelves, oh my high I could transform doors! Oh my says Pax units, this step is a great time to paint sit on been studying your a.

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